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Ocean Floor Rock Ride

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World’s First Ocean Floor Rock Ride

This event is a fun ride for all age groups and skill levels.  It is designed to showcase a beautiful area in our province and raise awareness on the importance of environmental and marine protection.


The Burntcoat Head Ocean Floor Rock Ride is the first mountain biking event in the world to take place on the ocean floor!
At the low tide the ocean floor is exposed which reveals miles and miles of rocky ocean floor terrain ideal for unique, exciting and challenging mountain bike riding.

Michael Blois from NovaStrong has been mountain biking this area since he was a kid. He has always shared this experience with friends and now the NovaStrong team wants to showcase this amazing riding experience with the public.  So, join us for the 2nd annual Burntcoat Head Ocean Floor Rock Ride taking place Sunday, June 3, 2018. 

Event Details

When:  Sunday, June 3, 2018

Registration opens:  10am 

Race time:  11am

Race Type:  Lapped Challenge

Race Categories: Age, Male & Female

  • Youth : 1 Lap
  • Intermediate: 3 Laps
  • Advanced: 5 Laps

Cost for Entry

  • Youth $30
  • Adult $40

Registration includes Race Pass, a Medal, Swag and a Barbecue!


217 Burntcoat Head Rd

Highest Tides!

The Bay of Fundy is the location of the worlds highest tides! Every 12.5 hours the difference between low tide and high tide is 16.3 metres or 54 feet!

At the low tide the ocean floor is exposed which reveals miles and miles of rocky ocean floor terrain ideal for unique, exciting and challenging mountain bike riding.

Ocean Floor Rock Ride Mission

Raising Awareness about Marine and Environmental Protection

The Bay of Fundy is a global treasure in need of greater protection.  It is where the world’s highest tides occur and the result is an extensive ecosystem supporting a rich variety of wildlife, with large numbers of seabirds, whales, crustaceans and much more!

Our key goal for this event is to raise awareness of this sensitive ecosystem and educate participants and the public on the importance of understanding the unique environmental conditions that may exist wherever you ride.

The photo on the right shows Andrew Hebda educating participants on a protected species found in the bay of Fundy called Mud Piddocks.

Showcasing the Beautiful Landscape of the Bay of Fundy around Burntcoat Head

Participants will be guided along the shoreline of the Bay of Fundy, location of the Worlds Highest Tides! Our team will showcase this amazing landscape and educate participants on the Atlantic Mud Piddock, a threatened spiciest at risk with unique habitat found in this area of the Bay of Fundy.

Organizing an Amazing Ride on the Ocean Floor!

We will have a unique course marked out where participants will be able to race their friends and the tide on the rocks of the ocean floor (All on Rocks, no Mud!). 

This mountain biking experience is like no other and only possible when the tide is at its lowest point.  Between the amazing landscape, miles of miles of rocky terrain ideal for mountain biking, and of course being hosted by our awesome NovaStrong Team, you’re going to love it! A must try if you love mountain biking!

To Hosting a Fantastic Award Ceremony & Barbecue

After the Rock Ride is completed, we will have an award ceremony and a barbecue for all the participants.   Riders will also be able to wash off their bikes with fresh water and relax in a field over looking the beautiful Bay of Fundy.

Event Registration:

Youth $30
Adult $40

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